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Butcher’s Box Butcher’s Box

Every week we have a small number of limited edition butcher’s boxes, straight from the Flat Iron herd. Each box contains some of our favourite cuts and blends.

Reared by third-generation farmer Charles Ashbridge, our herd leads a long, stress-free life in Thirsk, Yorkshire.

Each limited-edition box contains a mixture of prime steaks and secondary cuts, all carefully seam-butchered to our exacting standards. The box also contains burgers made with a superlative blend only possible when dealing with an entire carcass, a relatively lean blend of mince made with well flavoured cuts and a traditionally prepared hind-quarter roasting joint. Each cut in the box has been specially selected by our Head of Beef, Fred Smith, and hand prepared in the butchery by our in-house butcher, Calum Eades.


  • 4 steaks
  • 4 burgers
  • 1kg of mince
  • A roasting joint

Contents should be used within 3 days or frozen immediately upon delivery.

Due to limited supply, there is a maximum of one Butcher’s Box per order

Sold out

We have sold out of this product this week. We release more supply at the beginning of every week. Follow us on Instagram for updates.